My sleep over part 1

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
My sleep over part 1

I had had one of my best friends to come over because every one else was "busy". I had never noticed her in the way i felt at that moment. I had been in the middel of changeing into my pjs for some reason my /friend/best-friend/">best friend looked hot to me not that she wasnt hot. but seing her 54" long cruvy brown hair was makeing my heart s skip beats.

She had just finished geting undresed when she caught me locking at her perfect body. Size 36a did not belong on her with her thin perfect stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv features. I was still naked as well we notic for aed eachother split secong but it felt like forever. I had just done it without thinking grabing her leting my 36a cup boobs press on hers her perfect hairless pussy aginst mine. leting my hand slide down to her /perfect/perfect-ass/">perfect ass. kissing her alowing my toung to wander into her mouth.

As i squeesed her ass i heard her moan in relife. I barly got on my my pants and shirt when my /dad/">dad came over to tell us about dinner. she kept gazeing at me with my shorts and confy shirt on. What was i supost to do ignore that my best friend who i just made out with naked was wereing small tight shorts i could kind of see her pussy.

She had on a shirt that was tight and thin showing of her boobs. her shorts would "acsidently" ride up showing her perfect chiseld ass. She was obviosly wereing a /thong/">thong cause when she sat on my hand i could feel it and her perfect ass.

When it was time to go upstairs to white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie get ready for bed her shirt would slip giving me perfect veiw of her boob.when we layed down to go to sleep my dad had to be sure so i sliped my hand up the back of her shirt and slid it so i was holind on to her boob.I could feel her pussy with my other hand.

to be continued......