The Game between Diana and I

Published March 17, 2024 tag category
The Game between Diana and I

As Diana walked into the room, and we were alone, I decided that it was the day that we would play the game, and I would be under her for the first and hopefully not the last time.

She and I sat the sofa in the living room and I asked her if she wanted to play a game. She accepted. The game consisted of having an arm wrestle and the winner would 'move up' on their opponent until one of them sat on the other's face.

She won all the rounds until she was sitting on my chest. I told her that I might not be able to speak and if she wins she should sit on my face, then if she wins again, she would sit with me under her . Then if she wins again, i would be under her bare ass. She smiled at this and said I'll make sure that I win. Funnily enough, she did win the two rounds and I was underneath her bare ass. She called to me and said 'So you are like my slave, I can blackmail you into making you do whatever I want. Okay '.

I reluctantly performed this, to which she let out a fart as my lips touched her ass. I could hear her laughing, and saying 'Did I tell you to stop kissing my ass?' I started to think that this was a xnxxv sunny leone video idea. She said ' Hey I think I got some bowel movement, you will need to help me out okay, I am too lazy to get up to go to the toilet when I have already got one here!!'

After a few minutes, I could see her ass expanding and I knew what was about to come. A small turd emerged, and I knew that I would be punished if I did not open my mouth, and so reluctantly I did. Her turd seemed larger than I first expected, and I was afraid that it would take a long time to eat. It entered my mouth and the first thing that struck me was the bitterness. It tasted horrible and it seemed as if it would never stop. I was afraid that I might run out of air, but this was not the first thing on the real forced anal against her will mind of my friend turned . She needed to relieve herself of her shit and my safety was not on her mind.

She continued to shit for around 10 minutes, but it seemed like an hour! She stood up when she was finished to look at me, but since I was in her underwear, I was dragged up as well. She laughed at this, sat down hard and told me to lick her clean in the next few minutes or face being sat on for the rest of the day, which easily could include more toilet experiences. I mouth was already full of shit, but I tried to clean her ass as much as I could. She told me to stop, and for the in around an hour, I saw daylight. She took a tissue and wiped her ass; there was a small bit of brown on the tissue and she turned around with a large smile on her face.

She showed me the tissue and said "Guess what?" My mouth was still trying to eat the shit and I could not give an answer, not that I didn't know what the answer was. She stuffed the tissue inside my mouth and sat back down. I was in store for a interesting day, to say the least.