Club night

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Club night

Going to the club had been her idea, but now she was wondering whether she had made a mistake as the nerves kicked in. What had seemed a giggle out in the street now felt a bit sordid and seedy. Most of the clientele were men with only a smattering of couples in the audience.
As the house lights dimmed a single spotlight lit up the stage, and a man walked from offstage to stand fully illuminated by its glow. She had to admit that he had a very toned and /athletic/">athletic physique, and his semi erect cock was impressive without being scarily huge. She also now realised why there were so many men in the audience. His leather leggings and studded leather strapping were clearly aimed at a /gay/gay-male/">gay male constituency.

As the performer started to run his hands over his own torso she noticed his cock start to stiffen slightly. She also noticed that she was starting to get moist between the legs. As she felt her husband's hand on her thigh she noticed a movement out of the corner of her eye, and looked down to see that the guy on the other side of her had undone his fly and slipped his hand inside. Knowing that she shouldn't be looking only made it harder for her to tear her eyes away. It was only a murmur of approval from the crowd that made her look up to see that the man on stage was now stroking his cock to full hardness.

She reached her hand out to touch her husband and was a little surprised to find that he was rock hard. He half turned and smiled at her as she started to stroke his /erection/">erection through his jeans. He appeared unable to take his eyes off the man on stage running his hands up and down his shaft. Looking around she noticed that most of the other men in the audience were similarly transfixed. A few of them were also openly wanking, including, she realised with a shock, the guy in the seat next to her.

She stopped playing with her husband long enough to undo his zip, and taking the hint he got his cock out, so she could play with him properly. She wrapped her fingers round him, amazed at just how hard he was. Running her fingers softly up and down him she turned her attention back to the stage, to see a very attractive woman dressed in nothing but high heels and a black leather studded collar walk onto the stage to join the man. She had long /blonde/">blonde hair in a ponytail and her body was every bit as good as her fellow performer's.

She marched slowly and deliberately up to him, stopping a couple of /feet/">feet away, and started to run her hands over her breasts, eventually letting them trace their way slowly down her body until they reached her pussy. As she started to stroke between her legs with one hand she moved the other back up to her breasts.

The sight of this /couple/sexy-couple/">sexy couple playing with themselves, apparently only for each other, but actually with an audience of maybe 100 people was a major turn, and so was the feel of her husband's cock in her hand. She had never done anything sexual before, other than behind closed doors and now she was wanking him in full view of anyone who cared to look. Her sense of arousal was also increased by the sight of the man next to her squeezing and rubbing his hard cock.

Turning back to the stage she watched as the woman appeared to bring herself to orgasm, closing her eyes and throwing her head back as her body tensed and arched. As the /climax/">climax subsided she offered her fingers to the man so he could lick them clean of her juices. While he was doing this she moved around to stand behind him without taking her fingers out of his mouth. Once he had finished sucking her clean she pressed herself hard against his back and started to run her fingers up and down his chest and abs. All of this time he had continued to play with himself, but now the woman finally allowed her fingers to wander all the way down his body to grab his hands and move them up so he stood there with his arms folded while she took over stroking his shaft.

Continuing to stroke him with slow firm movements the woman started to kiss the back of the man's neck, before gradually kissing and licking all the way down his back, until she was kneeling behind him. Leaning back slightly she stuck out her tongue for all to see before burying her head between his taut buttocks. His legs tensed visibly and he started to rock slowly back and forwards, clearly enjoying the sensation of her tongue on his arse and her hand on his cock.

The woman in the audience had gasped audibly as the woman on stage started licking her partner. She had never seen anything like this, but in spite of herself she was feeling more and more turned on. Her mind was in a whirl with the new erotic sensations bombarding it. And this was the excuse she used later to explain what happened next.

Glancing round to look at the guy wanking next to her she inadvertently caught his eye, and in spite of herself returned his smile. Taking this as his cue he took hold of her free hand and guided it to his /hard/hard-dick/">hard dick. To her complete astonishment she let him, and there she was sitting with her husband's cock in one hand and a complete stranger's in the other. She now focused her attention completely on what was happening on the stage, although this didn't stop her from continuing to rub her hands up and down the hard shafts that she had her fingers wrapped around.

The female performer had turned the man round so that now she had taken him in her mouth, while her fingers parted his buttocks and probed the hole she had moistened with her tongue. She pulled him towards her in time with the moving of her head, and even from some distance away it was clear that he was on the verge of coming. At the last minute he pulled away and grabbed his cock once more, wanking furiously until with a loud groan he started to shoot his load all over her face and breasts. As his spurting subsided she took him full hd xvideo download in her mouth once more, sucking free porn movies download him clean.

Standing up she scooped his cum from her breasts and once more offered him her fingers. And once more he sucked and licked them clean.

The husband and the stranger were now starting to breathe very heavily, and both cocks were starting to throb in her hands. As she felt her husband start to come she leaned across to take him in her mouth and drink his cum as he shot it into her. While she was still sucking him she felt the stranger's cock jerk as he started to come himself. Looking up quickly she saw his cum spurting from the end of his cock as she continued to pump away at his shaft.

As soon as he finished coming the stranger put his cock back in his trousers and walked off, leaving her to lick the excess cum off her fingers before turning to kiss her husband, letting him share the taste of the stranger. As they broke off from their long kiss they smiled broadly at each other, and he gave her a little wink to reassure her that he enjoyed the show as much as she had.