Daryl and his girlfriend part 2

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
Daryl and his girlfriend part 2

So for the next couple months Daryl everyday told me how when where and why he had sex with his /girlfriend/">girlfriend. I said doesn't your cock hurt he said yes but it's so much fun.

Then he said one day when he had hurt his arm and so he couldn't drive so his girlfriend did and she drove him into the woods and he said come one babe old waman xxxgx let's go home she said no now and she took off her pants and kissed Daryl passionately for 5 minutes then she took off his pants and sat on his cock and she humped until he started panting and then he orgasmed and then she sat back down in her seat.

After she said I'm still horny and he used his good hand and fingered her. I said wow Daryl that's hot he said I know. The next day he said she broke up with him and I said why he said she wasn't feeling the spark. Later that day she came to Daryl's bokep sma pecah perawan house and said babe I'm sorry I didn't want to break up.

Then she kissed him and then they both took off their clothes and had hot steamy makeup sex. Then he said shower she said yes. They both whent into the shower and she cleaned him from head to toe and sucked his cock. When he got out of his cast he said he immediately went to her house and fingered her so hard she orgasmed twice.

Five minutes later he said my cock hurts I never thought I would say this but no more sex it hurts. Ni said show me your cock he pulls it out and it's bruised and I said take a break so he told his girlfriend that he was going to break from sex she disagreed and they had sex in her room right then.

He said honey my cock is almost broken I need a week off so for a week they didn't speak and then exactly a week later they met in the bathroom during school and both got naked and he fuvied her against the wall and his cock kept getting her more and more wet until she orgasmed then ate all of his cum..